Lessons learned: living with digital media systems in flexible classrooms

The Taylor Institute's AV systems were designed to be incredibly flexible, able to adapt to changing requirements between (or even during) classes. That meant shifting from hardwired analog systems to fully digital media management to allow for software-controlled mixing and switching of signals. What people assume, when they walk into a classroom, is something basically like this: You show up, plug your laptop in, and it sends stuff to the projector. [Read More]

web 2.0 is kinda people

My contribution for the DS106 assignment #3: WTF is Web 2.0? WebTwoDotOh I used clips from: Groks Science Show Kamla Bhatt's interview with Tim O'Reilly Dutch Thinktank EPN's Web 1/2/3 video The Computer Chronicles: The Internet Bags of Gold Eric Schmidt on Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0 The audio features the first ever public guitar playing of your humble author. I know it sucks. I figured I'd give it a shot, rather than trying to find some available music to play in the background to add some continuity between clips. [Read More]

Battlestar Galactica Ringtones for iPhone

OK. I'm a dork. I made some ringtones today to use on my iPhone, based on short clips from Battlestar Galactica. Maybe someone else will find them useful. Please don't sue me. They were all made from very short sound clips I found online. I'm using "BSG - Phone Ring" as my ringtone (it's the sound the telephones make on the ship) and the others are handy alarm notification sounds. [Read More]


I just spent a few minutes updating my podcast subscriptions - I haven't really listened to podcasts for several months, and want to get back into more curated audio presentations, as opposed to the relentless randomness of Shuffle Mode music playlists. I decided my previous set of subscriptions were essentially a self constructed echo chamber. I had subscribed to several edu-podcasts, all talking about various interpretations of the same issues. I need to break out of the echo chamber, so I unsubscribed from most of them (sorry - nothing personal). [Read More]

Samson USB Microphone

I ordered a Samson CO1U USB "podcasting" microphone to use for my upcoming podcasting workshop. Brian has one, and it's a beauty. Nice and heavy, and seems to have really nice and rich audio quality. Better than my little USB headset, Powerbook built-in mic, or iSight camera offer, anyway. It was cheap, too - under $80. After I opened the package, I plugged the USB cord into my G5. It was recognized right off the bat, and iChat and Garageband were able to use it with no additional installation. [Read More]

Stanford podcasts via iTunes

via Josie Fraser at EdTechUK - This is one of the cooler things I've seen in a while. Stanford University is putting a bunch of audio content online, free, via the iTMS. Stanford on iTunes will provide alumni—as well as the general public—with a new and versatile way of staying connected to the university through downloads of faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students and even podcasts of Stanford football games. [Read More]