internet as transactional memory, atrophying individual memory?

Nothing groundbreaking, but a really nice description of how the networked and shared access to all information ever captured is shaping our individual memory and information retrieval strategies. Or something. I don't have the attention span to actually read the article. Or the short article summarizing the article. Or, really, to write a proper blog post about the short article summarizing the article. I know I think of memory first as query structures. [Read More]

more Papers love

I've been slowly working on my MSc research proposal. Still **far** to early to post any of it online, but it's starting to take shape. I'm using [Papers]( to gather journal articles for reference as I'm working. Today, I added 33 articles to the stack, on top of the 63 I've already gathered. That's not manageable. But Papers has some great tools to help cut through stuff quickly. I can sort the articles by the number of citations they have, which pushes " [Read More]