Thoughts on the iPad Pro

I cringe at how this post will likely be read - as a fanboy OMG DIS AWESUM! post. Whatever. I promised several people that I'd write up something about my early experiences with the iPad Pro and pencil.  As part of my role in helping to refine the learning technologies platforms and support on campus, I force myself to use as many different devices as I can in order to make sure I understand what people will be bringing to campus. [Read More]
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gruber on control of software vs. privacy

John Gruber, commenting on Dave Winer's post on why he uses Android rather than iOS: Fear of Apple is about losing control over the software on our computers. Fear of Google is about losing control over our privacy. That's the best, clearest description of the difference I've seen. I don't care what anyone else uses. But I value my privacy more than I value the ability to compile the kernel behind my operating system. [Read More]

on censorship in the Apple app store

I've been trying to be a voice of reason when it comes to how Apple operates. I'd rather see them as generally trying to do the right thing, but struggling sometimes with some of the nitty gritty things. Like letting individuals interpret blanket policies for what is and is not acceptable in the app store. I'm fine with Apple deciding that an app is unacceptable if it crashes the iPhone. If it hijacks the cellular network. [Read More]

Upgrading my iTunes library

Best $50 I've spent in a long, long time. My music library is not pretty much DRM-free. What was that about the evil Apple lockin again? Update: doh. looks like the process has a glitch or two. I'm sure that'll get worked out really quickly though. This is what I get when I click the "Buy" button shown above: Update 2: GAH! I tried to post a question on the Apple Support site to see wtf, but can't seem to find the button to do that. [Read More]
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lazyweb: macbook or macbook pro for aperture use?

I mean, of course, if money is no object, get the most pimp-daddiest MacBook Pro with gills of RAM and stuff. But... Will the new solid aluminum case MacBooks do the trick? (and, yeah, if money truly was no object, I KNOW I'd rather get a fully maxed out Mac Pro with dual 30" displays and terabytes of storage...) I need to replace my antique home system, and need something that can run Aperture well (not necessarily pro speed, but well enough that I don't want to throw the fracking thing across the room while waiting for it to catch up. [Read More]

Bad dialog design

I bought Tetris for my iPod Touch today, but it keeps crashing before I can actually play it. I reported a problem through the App Store, and was rewarded with this gem of a dialog box:

iPod Touch keyboard add-on

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Real keyboard, connected to iPod Touch via USB through iPod Camera Connector accessory."][/caption] I want this. Well, maybe with a slimmer keyboard. Possibly a foldable version of something the size of the Apple Wireless Keyboard (pictured below). Doesn't have to actually BE wireless, though. I'd be FINE with a USB cable, and even with slapping rechargeable batteries in the keyboard to prevent an additional power draw from the iPod Touch. [Read More]

on flash on the iPhone / iPod Touch

There's much wringing of hands about the announcement from Apple that the iPhone (and iPod Touch) would not be getting Flash in the foreseeable future. I'm actually pretty happy that Flash isn't on the way. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good Flash website or video as much as the next guy. But try this: on your Mac, open Activity Monitor. Let it process for a few seconds to get a baseline reading. [Read More]

Thoughts on iPod Touch

I've had an iPod Touch for almost a week now, and aside from driving people on Twitter nuts by exclaiming how unbelievably awesome it is, I have some thoughts on how it could be better. Nothing groundbreaking, I'm sure, as anyone who spends time with it will likely come up with a similar list. The short version is that I LOVE it. In an unhealthy way. I haven't been this impressed by a piece of technology since my first Newton MessagePad 120. [Read More]