XplanaZine: The Problem with Learning Objects

Susan Smith Nash raises some very good points about learning objects - what are they? why would anyone care? how would someone reuse them? CAREO is mentioned specifically, and the concerns with it are entirely valid. It should be noted that CAREO and its ilk are from the first generation of learning object repositories - a necessary step in the evolution of the concept - and we've got some stuff that begins to address many of these concerns (Pachyderm, APOLLO, etc....

March 12, 2005 · 1 min

APOLLO Project Website

I just deployed a new Wordpress weblog to manage the APOLLO Project Website. It's a Wordpress 1.3 Alpha site, which gives me a place to play around with the latest builds of WP, and it also gives us a nice and easy way to officially publish information about APOLLO and related activities.

December 21, 2004 · 1 min

XStreamDB Adaptor is ALIVE!

Well, not exactly alive, but it's working. It's freaking working! I can now insert new records (creating new xml documents) and save them, run queries, edit records, and save those changes. Whew. There is some final cleanup I want to do (finish migrating from DOM4J to JDOM, clean out all of the debugging spaghetti outputs, and comment the heck out of it), then I'll package it up and drop it on Sourceforge....

October 6, 2004 · 1 min

JavaXStreamDBAdaptor Breakthrough

Well, breakthrough may be a bit much, but we did figure out some stuff today, and it's going to work quite well... King just spent an hour with me pouring over the JavaXStreamDBAdaptor code, trying to help me figure wtf was going on (i.e., it wasn't behaving as expected, leaving it unable to properly insert new documents). We were looking at the code, and then King had an idea. "Open the EOModel for the xml database,"...

October 1, 2004 · 2 min

Updated APOLLO Installer

I just put together an updated installer for APOLLO's supporting frameworks and resources. PackageMaker on MacOSX makes it so brain-dead simple to create really powerful installers. Gotta love that. And, it's free (included with the Developer tools). This version of the installer includes the Pachyderm PXFoundation and PXPublisher frameworks. (Less than subtle hint about project relationships in there somewhere... ;-) ) The installer itself isn't public yet (just for the developers on the project for now - makes it easier to get a new dev....

September 20, 2004 · 1 min

APOLLO Deployed on Solaris

I just finished an initial test deployment of APOLLO, including all frameworks and a sample searching application, on a Solaris server for use by the folks in BC. The install of our stuff was really quite simple - just copy some stuff into the right directories and add a new WebObjects application. Done. There were only 2 small snags: Frameworks need to be installed into $ NEXT_ROOT/Local/Library/Frameworks/ - I had been putting them into the MacOSX-ish $ NEXT_ROOT/Library/Frameworks/....

July 30, 2004 · 1 min

APOLLO Javadocs

I've just published updated Javadocs for the APOLLO frameworks (and the Pitchboard application that drives Fusion). It's a start - we'll be fleshing out the documentation as we move along (that's one of the things on my plate, so I'll be spending some quality time working on documentation over the coming months). The classes will be updated/cleaned/trimmed over the next little while, but this will give a starting point for grokking the guts of APOLLO....

July 28, 2004 · 1 min

Scott Leslie Describes His APOLLO Plan

Scott Leslie is heading up a rather large initiative in BC to deploy some cool whiz-bang learning object technology across the province for a couple of very large organizations. His group recently made a decision on which technologies they were going to use, and they picked APOLLO. Scott has written up an excellent description of his rationale, plan, and hopes for the BC/APOLLO collaboration. I really like his pragmatic stance - use what's best for the job, and for the users....

June 25, 2004 · 1 min