From 1992-1994, I worked as a science communicator at the Alberta Science Centre. As part of my work there, I developed some Hypercard stacks to support various exhibits. These were inspired by projects such as Just Grandma and Me (providing opportunities for exploration, searching, and memory) as well as the Mackerel Stack and others.

Exhibits included:

  • Dinomania
  • Marine Monster Mania
  • Backyard Monsters
  • Cybersense

Unfortunately, I have no documentation of these stacks1. I think there might be remnants on a floppy disk in storage, but there is no way to retrieve that anymore. I’ve been unable to find anything about the exhibits online, either. This was just before the internet became a real thing - at the time, we were using Compuserve to access NASA’s images from Shoemaker-Levy 9 as part of the science centre’s programming…

  1. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have photographs from this era - this was before digital photography and before people carried cameras with them at all times. I might have one or two photos, but need to dig through boxes to find them… ↩︎