Martin Weller’s book 25 Years of Ed Tech is a great people’s history of educational technology, covering the major innovations over the last 25 years. He published it through the Athabasca University Press under a Creative Commons License. As a result it’s been adopted by the edtech community, who have produced an audiobook version, as well as a “between the chapters” discussion series.

Chapter 7 is on Learning Objects, read by Brian Lamb. I was part of the Between the Chapters discussion for the chapter, with Brian Lamb, John Robertson and myself1, hosted by Laura Pasquini.

One of the things we talked about was the permanence/impermanence of online content. I’ve snagged a copy of the discussion .mp3 for the inevitable future when shuts down. In the meantime…

And the original chapter:

  1. it sounds like I was having bandwidth issues, with Zoom compensating by trying to catch up by putting me into fast-talking-squirrel-mode. I mean, more than usual. ↩︎