Unreal Engine Log - Final Snapshots of the TI Mockup

After consolidating my Unreal Engine log notes from a separate WordPress site into my main website (this one), I realized that I hadn’t captured any of the final (or “final”, as I basically stopped that work to focus on supporting student-led deliverables that took different directions) “Taylor Institute Game” level.

It’s still empty, but has more textures and materials applied. I didn’t add a roof because I found the environmental lighting useful without having to manually light every nook and cranny…

The TI Atrium The “atrium” area, with some of the main public spaces roughly mocked up

The TI Forum The “forum” classroom TI 160 (sans roof)

The TI Atrium One of the active learning classrooms - TI 110, roughly - but without any furniture or proper lighting

I may try to finish it a bit more over the holiday break - but I will probably focus on writing about the course itself first…

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Last updated: March 01, 2024