Randy Bass – the impact of technology on the future of human learning

Technology can best improve education by helping us distinguish ourselves from machines and to make that distinction itself fundamental to the “project” of education. As we look to the future, and as machines get better at being machines, the primary purpose of higher education must be helping humans get better at being human. Ultimately technology (machine intelligence) will have its greatest impact on human learning through the evolution in human capacity—the ‘complementarity’—that will be required to stay ahead of its advance....

October 17, 2018 · 1 min

Metaphysics of teaching?

October 13, 2018 · 0 min

Volumetric capture for movies – Intel Studios

This is pretty cool. Waaaay more high-end than what I’m thinking of, but passively turning a scene/event with multiple participants interacting in complex ways into a point cloud with nothing more than a bunch of cameras? Gold. via BoingBoing

August 10, 2018 · 1 min

Miguel Chevalier visualizing motion and interaction

A crazy series of interactive visualizations of motion. What if people in a space bend the space time fabric like the traditional visualization of planets in orbit around the sun? How could these visualizations be used to provide feedback on what is happening in a space? More info at miguel chevalier weaves ‘onde pixel’ installation through milan’s unicredit pavilion

October 19, 2017 · 1 min