phone camera is still science fiction

Every now and then, I have to pause a little when I realize that almost all of my photographs this year were taken with a cell phone. Many (most?) of the photos would have never happened otherwise - I'd grow tired of lugging out a DSLR and all that entails. But because a good-enough-camera is in my phone, in my pocket all of the time, I'm documenting stuff that would have gone forgotten otherwise. [Read More]

photo friday - banff gate

A few years ago, we headed into the mountains to spend a few days at a cabin with family. It's a development built on top of the remains of a failed ski resort on Pigeon Mountain, overlooking the Bow Valley. The weather was pretty crappy for much of the stay, but I was drawn to the way the clouds and wisps played along the crags. I think these peaks are Windtower and The Rimwall, forming the south part of the famous Three Sisters overlooking Canmore. [Read More]

occupy calgary

Evan and I headed downtown for some hanging-out time this afternoon, and stumbled into the #occupyCalgary protest. I knew something was planned, but had half-forgotten that it was going down this weekend. We stopped for awhile, watching the protest. He wasn't scared at all - there was no feeling of anything unsafe, even with over a thousand people crammed into a square, chanting and waving signs. There were a couple dozen police officers in full gear, but they were there mostly to make sure everyone was OK. [Read More]

barrier lake autumn hike

We headed west today, for what seems to be a Thanksgiving tradition - an easy family hike in the mountains. We stopped at the Barrier Lake ecology research station, which is now part of the University of Calgary campus. The site was originally a military camp, used as an internment facility and later a prisoner of war camp during world war II. Evan was pretty blown away that this camp even exists, and even moreso after learning some of the history. [Read More]

riding through bearspaw in autumn

I got the chance to go for a quick bike ride this afternoon, and headed out west of our house, into the Bearspaw region. Some really nice rural roads for riding, and gorgeous scenery. One stretch of road has a very steep and longish hill, and I occasionally try to see how fast I can go down it. Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating, and I only got up to 67km/h. [Read More]

photo friday: bending time

One of the things I like doing most with my camera is experimenting with long exposures. There's something compelling in bending time, and seeing what happens to the light that gets captured. Longer exposures means more light, often meaning you can see things that aren't visible to the naked eye. Or, motion becomes visible. start of day: a 30 second exposure, shot without a tripod. I was riding to campus one morning, extra early because I was facilitating a workshop, and something about the quality of the light caught me. [Read More]

on shoeboxes and hoarding

[Duncan just wrote an interesting post]( on the decline of photographic editing. Not pixel-mashing editing, but selecting and critiquing. **cringe** curating. Duncan is a professional photographer, who does some amazing work. He works with other professional photographers, who hang out with other professionals. And, apparently, they're all noticing the same thing. Less actual editing of photos. Finding the best and tossing the crap. In the olden days, it cost money to take, process and print every photo. [Read More]

photo friday: chaos at the northern voice sessions

During Northern Voice 2011, much time was spent at Sanctuary Studios, making noise and having fun. I brought my DSLR to the Thursday session, to see if I could capture some of the energy. It was not a large room - we were in the "stage room", which, surprisingly, has a stage filling half of the room, and a couch/sitting/standing area taking the rest. Not a lot of room, once everybody got in. [Read More]

Camping in Kananaskis Country

We headed out to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, in the Kananaskis region of the Rockies, to do some camping and hanging out with family. There was plenty of wildlife in the area - there was enough bear activity that the (awesome) bike paths were closed and completely off limits. They were tracking bears right through our campground, and they came within 100m of our tent. At one point, half a dozen deer (that we hadn't even noticed in the bushes) scattered right behind our campsite. [Read More]

race day

We headed to Race City Speedway for the day, to watch some of the 2011 Drift Mania Canadian Championship. We'd never been to a drifting race, and Evan had never been to the racetrack. It was a really fun day at the track, between watching qualifications of the drifting racers, then some drag racing, then the actual final-16 and final-4 drift races. Great stuff. We'll definitely be checking out the 2012 schedule. [Read More]