scanning the family photo archives

I picked up a scanner a couple of months ago, and have been slowly scanning in old photos when I get a chance. A few batches in, and I've already done 451 photos. I'm viewing the activity as potentially rescuing family history from fading pieces of paper. I have no idea if JPEG files will still be readable in 100 years, but it's worth a shot to try to preserve photos going back well over 100 years (the oldest photo is from before 1893). [Read More]

on advanced software camera lenses

This is cool. Hipstamatic released a bunch of new lenses. I got a notification on my phone last night, and grumbled something about camera apps spamming me with ads. Then forgot about it. This morning, I see a post from Nick, referring to the official Hipstamatic blog post on the lens: The Tinto 1884 lens uses facial recognition to recreate a very shallow depth of field unique for each photograph. [Read More]

CBC News and photo credits?

I was just checking my RSS feeds, and saw an article from CBC News. I thought to myself, “hey! I've seen that photo somewhere. wait a minute… I think I took that photo…” Some quick poking around on my gallery site, and hey presto. Yup. I shot it back in June, 2009, not far from my house. Looking at the article on CBC's site, there doesn't seem to be any mention of that fact. [Read More]

photos from danielle & dallas' wedding

I didn't get copies of the photos from the borrowed camera until just recently, and just finished going through and editing. This is the first wedding I've ever shot, with any sense of responsibility for capturing the whole thing. Lots of rookie amateur mistakes in there. It's amazing how fast things happen in a wedding, when you're trying to capture it all. And how quickly the lighting goes south - the wedding took place on a beach, just before sunset, so we had amazing light for most of it, and then harsh oblique shadows at the end. [Read More]

a week in playa del carmen

My niece got married on the beach in Playa del Carmen last week, so we tagged along. So nice. The bride asked me to photograph the wedding, but my DSLR is a bit under the weather. I wound up shooting it on a borrowed DSLR - the first real DSLR photos I've shot in about a year. I need to pull mine out of the basement and get it back in working order again. [Read More]

a day in the life of @dlnorman

I tried an experiment, where I took a photo every hour on the hour (or as close to it as I could manage/remember) to see what documenting a full day might look like. It was surprisingly fun to do. Might make an interesting @ds106 daily create project...