Battle of the 3-year-old Games

I’ve been playing Quake3Arena for the past few months, and it runs pretty well on my creaky TiBook400. I’m pretty hooked on the Urban Terror mod, since it’s a wee bit (i.e., WAAAAY) more fun than plain vanilla Q3A.

I was planning on picking up Medal of Honor: Allied Assault over the Christmas break, but a couple of things held me back:

how well would it run on a TiBook400?
After that, I was thinking of picking up Ghost Recon, which does run quite well on the TiBook, but there’s still the cost. I just can’t justify $75 for a game, no matter how amazing it is.

So, I’ve resigned myself to sticking with a game that I already own. That leaves Q3A, and Unreal Tournament, both of which I picked up a couple of years ago (and with ran fine on a G3/300 with a crappy video card). Q3A runs OK, but a bit pokey, on the TiBook. Well, then… Why not try out UT?

It takes a hell of a lot to install UT under MacOSX. Actually, it’s impossible without Classic. WTF? I go ahead and install it, and the patches to bring it up to the latest version, and fire it up. Wow. It runs pretty darned well. Frame rate MUCH higher than Q3A. Should be cool.

A couple of years ago, I played a LOT of UT, and the Infiltration mod specifically. Figured I’d try to install Infiltration and see how it works. Again, installation was a royal pain in the *ss, since it requires Classic, and messing with privs on a couple of directories. Oh, and there’s a missing file, so gametypes don’t show up. Doh.

Anyway, short story long, I finally got UT:Infiltration working, and DAMN, it’s pretty darned good. Nice gameplay, great graphics, and fast action. This might be an Urban Terror killer. Had to fiddle quite a bit to get sound and stuff working, but it’s working OK now… Cool.

The good old hockey game

Saw the Flames vs Wild game last night, in great seats. Wow. That was just plain fun.

Fast game, good play on both sides, and we won. Undefeated with the new coach. Woohoo… Took some pics (might upload them somewhere…)

Tuscany Schools – Herald Photographer

So, we desparately need schools in Tuscany. Multiple schools, not just one. We figure 4 elementary schools could be filled. Easily.

The only problem is that there isn’t any provincial cash to build them. We currently bus about 1000 kids out of the community, which costs a fortune in time and money, but
there’s no capital budget to slap some bricks together.

We’ve been trying to raise awareness of the issue, and have been able to get a lot of community interest and support. The Community Association is pushing hard to get schools
built, and the Resident’s Association is providing whatever support it can.

The press is even starting to get interested. The Herald sent a photographer out to gather some pics for a story on the
issue. Not sure when it’s going to run, but we got a lot of parents and kids out on a cold (COLD) day, waiting for half an hour while the photographer was lost on his way…

Here’s hoping we’re able to shake something loose…

Theme Management Interface

I’m just working on building an interface to allow admins to edit and manage the html fragments that make up a theme in the repository. Ideally, it will be a web-based solution similar to MovableType or PMachine, where you can edit fragments of HTML directly in the repository.

That does expose a risk, though. What if an admin is editing the theme managment page template, and breaks it? Doh…

I’m thinking that a separate Admin WO app (that isn’t themed itself, but knows about theming and can access the database store for the HTML fragments) would be a better idea. If an admin is happy with their theme, they can kill the WO app that manages them…

Maybe even a JavaClient application to manage HTML fragments? hrm…