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2015 week 30 in review


Prepping for the big upgrade of our LMS from Desire2Learn 10.3 to D2L Brightspace 10.5. Lots of testing to do, to make sure stuff we’ve integrated still works. I think it’ll go pretty smoothly, but there are a lot of moving pieces, and without a service owner in IT, we’re having to make some decisions on the fly. Good times. On track to be upgraded on August 24, with our test server being updated in the next week so we can begin intensive testing (we’ve had access to it in our Test2 environment, but have had… issues… with authentication, so haven’t been able to do much real testing. hoping to ramp that up this week…)

Made some great progress on getting the Learning Technologies Coaches program going. Still too early to share details – but soon…



I decided to stop waiting for my bad foot to magically get better, and just start riding again. Feels good. Rode to work one day this week, and am planning to do much more of that. Also, got out on the highway to ride out to Cochrane and back for an easy ride.

Oh. We also added a family member.

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Tyler Hellard on the state of journalism

Columnists, Gawker, ViralNova, porn and websites profiling other websites prove that the Internet was a wonderful thing and we absolutely broke the shit out of it. Well done, team!
So what’s the point? A lot of this stuff isn’t thought provoking, it’s rage provoking. Which, I suppose, makes it traffic/pick-up provoking, too. Newspapers are supposed to be for the benefit of public discourse, so it kills me that pageviews could be keeping these assholes in work. I love hate-reading as much as anyone (my entire Saturday is built around reading Wente’s column), but that doesn’t mean I think this stuff is good for society or that I’m not willing to go without. We don’t need these generic “person has opinions on all the things” columnists in our newspapers anymore. That’s what the Internet is for. Burn it down.

Source: Pop Loser No. 42: Go Take a Flying Fuck at the Moon