2024 Week 25

⚙️ Work TIDraw.net is gone. I let the domain registration lapse because we weren’t using it in the TI anymore and I didn’t feel like continuing to pay for a domain registration just for something to do. I have the web whiteboard running at https://draw.darcynorman.net and will leave it there. The schedule and registration for this year’s Teaching Days went live. Lots of great sessions planned. I’m still trying to nudge the formal review of Zoom’s AI Companion feature along the process. Read More

2024 Week 24

⚙️ Work The Learning Technologies Advisory Committee reboot was, I think, successful. Members will be going back to their faculties/units over the summer to find out how student respond systems are used, then reporting back at the first meeting of LTAC in the fall. The Brightspace Steering Committee was pretty clear - there is no appetite to license additional stuff, given budgets and increasing licensing fees for the core package. We won’t be going back to the Provost to ask for more. Read More

2024 Week 23

⚙️ Work Tyson led a great team workshop to start exploring questions we might have that could be answered through data. This was the first step - brainstorming questions - to be followed by sessions to start to noodle on where the data might be, how it might be used, and what gaps there might be. Then, to the “so, what do we do with it?” stage. Lots of strategy meetings and planning. Read More

2024 Week 22

June. WTF. ⚙️ Work Existential crises are fun. 🔗 Links SoTL Fennelly-Atkinson, R. & Pakhira, Deblina. (2024). Revealing Hidden Proficiencies: An Intersectional Journey into Learners’ Realities with Micro-Credentials TechTrends. 68, 561–572. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11528-024-00956-z 2 authors write about their own experiences. Working Jeffrey Zeldman: The gift of a three-month sabbatical. Automattic has a staff benefit that encourages staff members to take 3 months off work - paid - every 5 years. I’ve been thinking a lot about sabbaticals, research leaves, etc. Read More

2024 Week 21

I joined the Tuesday morning Bow Cycle Club ride - my first BCC ride of the 2024. I’m firmly at the back of the “C” group, but I made it, didn’t die, and will be joining more rides over the summer. This was a shorter ride, but with lots of climbing. Wow, is my cardio garbage. I can work on that. ⚙️ Work I took (most of) the week off. Except for coming in on Thursday for… co-facilitating part of the TI Programming Retreat and a couple of meetings. Read More

2024 Week 20

⚙️ Work We planned the evaluation process for the videoconferencing RFP. Some strategic planning stuff. Slowly chipping away at my annual performance review self reflection, which is taking much longer than usual this year. Meetings. Moose Hide campaign day, including a lunch ’n learn, smudging, and a walk around part of campus. Met with some colleagues from Curtin University to discuss possible collaboration opportunities as part of a global alliance initiative. Read More

2024 Week 19

⚙️ Work Students set up a protest on campus, expressing concerns about genocide and apartheid in Palestine. I walked around the protest area Thursday afternoon, and everyone seemed to be respectful, orderly, and engaged in activism.1 DISRUPT SOMETHING. NOT LIKE THAT! YOU’RE DISRUPTING IN AN UNAUTHORIZED MANNER! A few hours after I took that photo, the protestors were forcibly removed by police. They came back the next day, without tents. I note that our Premier said: “I’m glad the University of Calgary made the decision that they did. Read More

2024 Week 18

I finally, after almost a month off the bike, got back on the fancy indoor bike for an easy-ish ride. I’m hoping my excuses to not ride get less valid, and I’ll be able to get outside on my real bike soon. My cardio is about the worst it’s ever been. I’m in horrible physical shape, and it’s affecting my general wellness. ⚙️ Work Our D2L reps came to campus for a visit with our team, to help plan ways to improve the experience for instructors and students. Read More

2024 Week 17

⚙️ Work Still sick. Not wanting to be “that guy that keeps coughing and blowing his nose in the office”, I took some sick time and worked from home. I’m not contagious anymore, and need to be in the office next week. Hopefully my respiratory system cooperates. While preparing for our conference presentation, we collected some links to a couple of videos to support the description of the course. Jana (one of the students in the course) had published one of her video game demos as a video on YouTube - it’s a remarkable example of using video games to foster reflection on architecture, experience, and teaching & learning. Read More

2024 Week 16

⚙️ Work Meetings. Finance. GFC TLC. Learning Technologies & Design Team meeting - the focus was a “listening tour” by Natasha and Sue to visit with the team to learn about what we’re working on, what’s working, what could be improved, etc. It was a really good discussion, and I’m honoured to be part of such a passionate, engaged, and creative team. The April Learning Technology Advisory Committee went pretty well. Read More