2024 Week 23

⚙️ Work

  • Tyson led a great team workshop to start exploring questions we might have that could be answered through data. This was the first step - brainstorming questions - to be followed by sessions to start to noodle on where the data might be, how it might be used, and what gaps there might be. Then, to the “so, what do we do with it?” stage.
  • Lots of strategy meetings and planning.
  • An EAB session for UCalgary leaders on microcredentials - we’ve been doing microcredentials in the TI for almost a decade, and there is a UCalgary Microcredentials Framework that will hopefully be ratified soon (next week?). Lots of microcredential work being done across the university.
  • I was approved to travel to SCUP 2024 in July.

Brightspace and data

  • Jon Kruithof: Dealing With D2L’s Data Hub with PowerBI - we’re in the same boat. Brightspace Core license, without springing for the Performance+ package that includes the query/visualization tools. So, Data Hub stock reports, maybe exporting the .csv files for use elsewhere. We’re also a Microsoft campus, so PowerBI just might work.

Ukraine (and infovis)

  • Marco Hernandez, Jeffrey Gettleman, Finbarr O’Reilly & Tim Wallace @ NYTimes: What Ukraine Has Lost (free link past the paywall). An incredible analysis of Russia’s destruction of Ukraine. Jesus Christ. The maps and photos and interviews are heart-wrenching.

AI resources from the TI

AI elsewhere


  • Aimee Mains @ UCalgary News: The face of anatomy textbooks is changing. An article about the growing collection of the Anatomy Video and Imagery Diversity (AVID) Project (supported by a grant from the UCalgary Teaching and Learning Grants Program)

    AVID is a database of freely available original images and videos that properly showcase the range of human diversity and that are of sufficient detail and quality to support excellent anatomical teaching across multiple disciplines and levels of learner expertise. We aim to better represent the diversity of people in the population by reflecting different genders, people of different skin tones, body sizes, and compositions, and to provide access to resources that are currently severely lacking in higher education. This OER is designed to support learners directly by providing a zero-cost alternative to traditionally expensive anatomical textbooks, and further to provide paid opportunities for students who are historically underrepresented in health sciences and allied health education to develop their own educational leadership and to provide opportunities for visibility and representation for these students in the anatomical sciences.


🍿 Watching

  • ★★☆☆☆ Atlas (Netflix). The whole movie felt like it was written as a video game, with didactic cutscenes and forced actions. Spaceships that have magic gravity and can travel to some random planet orbiting some random star somewhere in The Andromeda Galaxy (so, over 2.5 million light years from Earth) in minutes, apparently. “Fusion batteries” (is it a battery? Is it a fusion reactor? Who cares! It sounds cool!). Evil AI and Good AI and so many trust issues - if only JLo can learn to trust again, humanity will be saved! They were aiming for Sarah Connor meets Ellen Ripley meets Mako Mori meets Jake Sully. They missed. Dumb movie. Dumb plot. Dumb writing. I would have turned it off but I was stuck inside, recovering from super-cold.

📚 Reading

  • Still reading The Mammoth Hunters.

🧺 Other

  • I started getting up early to do some hill repeats on the bike. There’s a great pathway near my house, with some switchbacks. It’s just about perfect for a couple laps, followed by a cooldown on the way home. It’s still pretty chilly that early, bouncing between +4˚C and +8˚C, but it still feels great. Managed to do it 5 days in a row (earning “local legend” on several segments on Strava because I think I’m the only one doing them twice a day), then got out for an actual coffee ride to Cochrane. Perfection.
  • With this post, the entire front page of my site is now these weekly things. I used to write actual blog posts occasionally…
  • Something borked in my Hugo setup. I’d been making some experimental additions in the “production” directory, which, yeah. And I think a Hugo update changed something. I don’t have time/energy to figure it out right now, so I just switched to a simpler theme for now. Search is unavailable, and some other features, but it works.

🗓️ Focus for next week

  • LTAC
  • Evan’s convocation from SAIT!!!
  • Brightspace Steering Committee
  • AI strategy stuff
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