Unreal Engine Log - Wednesday, September 20

I spent a few more minutes trying to futz around with getting my Blender model of a learning space (loosely modelled on TI 110) into Unreal Engine. Following a godawful YouTube video that I’m not going to link to because holy crap what an annoying mess but I did glean one bit if useful info from sitting through it.

In Blender, I exported an .FBX file using these settings:

.FBX export dialog in Blender

The key (I think, but don’t really know for sure) was only selecting the “Mesh” objects for export, and enabling “Apply Transformation” (whatever that does).

Then, I imported the fresh .FBX file into my UE5 project, put the meshes and textures into folders to keep them tidy – and deleted the objects that had been used to do the boolean subtractions for doors and windows. Leaving the gaps in their respective walls! Progress!

So… here’s a slightly-less-funky version of the Blender model, imported into UE5, with some basic starter materials applied to see what happens, and some rect lights stuck to the ceiling. The Player can walk through the open doors, jump through the open windows, and collide with walls. The scale still seems off – maybe by 1.5 or 2x? But that’s fixable. Progress!

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