Unreal Engine Log - Monday, September 18

So I decided that editing 3D objects with a trackpad is non-optimal. I sprung for a super-fancy professional-grade mouse. Or, I picked up the first decent-looking cheap Bluetooth multi-button mouse on Amazon, because it could be delivered the next day. It came today, and seems to work well enough. I haven’t used a mouse in years, so it’ll be an adjustment.

I tried setting up a new Project, replacing the stock First-Person game with my own stuff. Really, I just deleted the initial obstacle-objects, and then started building a new space within it. Primitive, but I’m getting better. I need to figure out the rendering settings, though, because they seem to go from “Quake II” to “Cyberpunk” and I can’t figure out how to properly set it so it will play at a decent framerate on my M2 MBA.

Anyway. Here’s what about an hour of futzing around produced:

It’s warmer-feeling than the previous attempt, but the scale is all wrong. I need to figure out how to manage dimensions and scale better. Ideally, I’d like to be able to set objects’ dimensions to actual real-world measurements in cm or inches or furlongs or something. And I need to figure out better texture mapping, and lighting, and room-building. And I should probably lose the ping-pong-ball launcher at some point…

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