Unreal Engine Log - Wednesday, September 13

Maybe there’s something funky with the .FBX files? I’ll try importing them into Blender to create new ones.

Download Blender.
Remember how to use Blender.
Import the .FBX files for both first and second floors, match them up, join them, and export a shiny fresh new .FBX file that hopefully doesn’t have any issues.

Create a new project in UE5, with starter content.
Test it in playback mode. It works great.
Import the new .FBX file and poof nothing works and my laptop begs for mercy.

I figure there’s something inherently funky with the .FBX models. Maybe too much detail (but NANITE is supposed to HANDLE that…) or something else. Who knows. I decide to just start from scratch. Probably a good idea anyway, to isolate ideas rather than starting from a place of complexity.

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