Unreal Engine Log - Tuesday, September 12

“I have these Revit-exported .FBX files of the Taylor Institute. How hard can it be to import them into Unreal Engine 5 and build some learning space mockups in them?”

Took maybe 30 seconds to figure out how to import the files. It’s built-in.

I started with the Architectural starter content, and tested that it worked first. It works great and I can navigate around in playback mode. Cool. I can move around and explore the space in pretty impressive realtime rendering.

I add the .FBX file for the first floor and everything falls apart. Playback mode fails. Warnings and errors. Oh no. The “Player” suddenly seems like it’s fallen through the floor, and I get an error on the “Player” character itself? Maybe something in the Revit file collided with something in the UE5 Project? Who knows.

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Last updated: February 24, 2024