On the iPhone 14 Pro Lenses

I finally (finally) upgraded my phone from an old iPhone X to a new iPhone 14 Pro. I splurged, figuring I spend enough time using it… The phone’s nice, but the cameras and lenses are insane. 3 physical lenses and one cropping trick to make a fourth using optical lenses at 14mm, 24mm, 44mm, and 77mm focal lengths. On a phone. But what does that mean? Here are some sample photos at the extreme ends - 14mm ultrawide angle, and 77mm telephoto.

All photos are unprocessed, aside from whatever in-phone adjustments are made automatically. Each pair of samples below were taken from the same spot, just changing from “0.5x” to “3x” on the camera. The 77mm version of each photo fits somewhere inside its corresponding 14mm version.

office window

My home office has a peekaboo view of the rockies. Which you have to squint to see, after kind of hanging out the window a bit. Or use a 77mm zoom lense…

home office window view at 14mmhome office view at 14mm ultrawide-angle

home office view at 77mm telephotohome office view at 77mm telephoto

Taylor Institute atrium

The atrium of the Taylor Institute is full of converging lines at various scales.

TI atrium at 14mmTI atrium at 14mm ultrawide

TI atrium at 77mm telephotoTI atrium at 77mm telephoto

winter sunset

Another almost-mountain view, at the mailboxes on our street.

winter sunset at 14mm ultrawidewinter sunset at 14mm ultrawide

winter sunset at 77mm telephotowinter sunset at 77mm telephoto

Matthison Hall atrium

The newest building on campus, full of lines and different shapes and scales.

Matthison Hall atrum at 14mm ultrawideMatthison Hall atrum at 14mm ultrawide

Matthison Hall atrium at 77mm telephotoMatthison Hall atrium at 77mm telephoto

Matthison Hall stairs and collaboration zone

The main stairway in Matthison Hall, with a zoom into one of the collaboration spaces on the ground floor.

Collaboration Zone at 14mm ultrawideCollaboration Zone at 14mm ultrawide

Collaboration Zone at 77mm ultrawideCollaboration Zone at 77mm ultrawide

Snowflake hallway

We decorated some of the visiting spaces at J’s office. Lots of different details visible at different ends of the focal length spectrum.

Snowflake hallway at 14mm ultrawideSnowflake hallway at 14mm ultrawide

Snowflake hallway at 77mm telephotoSnowflake hallway at 77mm telephoto

Rockies over 12 Mile Coulee

We went for a walk around the neighbourhoood. The Rockies contrasting with the snow make completely different photos from the same spot at the far ends of the range.

Snow and winter, with maybe some mountains?Snow and winter, with maybe some mountains?

Definitely mountains, and some houses.Definitely mountains, and some houses.

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Last updated: September 28, 2023