Riding in the 2022 Cancervive Fundraiser

Donate to support Wellspring Calgary

Back when I was first diagnosed, we joined Wellspring and started going to a weekly yoga class for people with cancer (and their families). It was really great, just being around people who were going through similar things but not being directly about “hey let’s talk about cancer because cancer cancer cancer”. We did that for over 2 years, as I went through treatment and began to recover. (and then COVID hit and yoga classes for people with compromised immune systems became impossible)

Every time we went downstairs to the basement studio, I passed a jersey that was hanging in the stairwell. It was from a previous Cancervive fundraiser, and I kept saying to myself that one day I’d be strong enough to do a ride like that again. It sure didn’t feel possible at the time, but it was a goal.

And here I am. I’ve recovered from treatment. My cancer is as close to remission as I’ll get, and I feel great. So it’s my turn to contribute by riding.

Cancervive is a fundraiser to support Wellspring Calgary. Wellspring has 2 facilities in the city - we go to the Bowness location, Carma House - and they offer a wide range of programming to support people with cancer and their families. All free of charge, due to their work to raise funds through things like Cancervive.

If you’re able, please consider sponsoring my ride. I’ll be doing the 100km distance on September 10, 2022, from Banff out to Lake Louise and back.

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