Holy. 20 years. 2 decades. That’s how long I’ve been blogging, how long this humble website has been around. The first (surviving) post was published on May 2, 2002, shortly after we found out that we were going to be adding a person to our family. That person is now 19 and in post-secondary education. That’s mind-boggling in ways that makes a couple decades of blogging seem a little less impressive.

I completely forgot about the pending bloggiversary, until I saw Nancy White’s post about her also-bloggiversary on May 1.

That’s it, really. That’s the post. 20 years. I suppose I should write something profound, but that kind of goes against the whole point of having a blog - it’s not always Profound Things™.

I will say that this blog is really what pushed me in the early days of my Edtech Career™, and what helped me to feel connected to the edublogosphere community. In ways that just didn’t happen with social media or birdsites or faceplaces. It’s a site that I own, that I am fully and wholly responsible for, that I craft and manage and build and rebuild and tweak and break and fix and break and fix and keep on keeping on and occasionally publish content on.

I think my blog would be entirely recognizable to the D’Arcy of 20 years ago, even though the tech that runs it is so completely different. But, also, the tech would be appreciated by previous me - a simple command-line application that generates static files on demand? Perfect.

Lately, most of my posts are in the Photos section. Daily photos, thanks to a nudge from Alan (who is another longtime blogger). I’d say my writing energy is being directed at my dissertation instead, but really that’s languishing and feeling like it’s taking forever. Hopefully, I’ll finish that before marking its own 20 year anniversary…