Trying Out the Fancy Lecture Capture Camera

I just popped into TI 110 (Studio A) in the Taylor Institute, to try out the fancy new auto-tracking camera and to see how it works with YuJa on the podium computer. The auto-tracking thingy uses computer vision to detect the “teacher” or “presenter” in the room, and doesn’t need a tracking device to be worn (like the previous camera did). Which is great, as long as the computer vision stuff can figure out where you are, and as long as it doesn’t get confused by multiple people (or images that look like people) in a room 1.

It works reasonably well. I think, with some practice, it would definitely serve well enough for use in classes. Mostly, I need to figure out how to best place the lav mic so it doesn’t rustle as I wander around, and I need to learn the range for the auto-tracking gizmo. But, this would work great for recording a class, presentations, or producing media for a course…

All of the classrooms in the TI have these cameras hooked up to the classroom PC, and they can be used by any software that runs on the PC as a video input source (including Zoom, YuJa, etc…).

  1. A couple of weeks ago, Tyson and I tried one of the 1Beyond cameras out in TI 250, connected it to Zoom, and also connected a Neat Board at the front of the room to the same Zoom meeting. The 1Beyond camera was not impressed. ↩︎


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Last updated: September 16, 2023