Now that I’m back on the photo-a-day 365photos bandwagon again (thanks to a nudge from Alan), I realize those daily photos are cluttering up the main RSS feed for this site. 365 photo posts in a year, maybe half a dozen blog posts? Not a great signal:noise ratio. So… I’m removing photos from the main RSS feed for now.

If, for some reason, you want to follow the photos via RSS, there’s a direct RSS feed for them.

For now, the main RSS feed will have:

  • blog posts (very rarely published, apparently)
  • asides (like this one - also rare, kinda like blog posts but not posted on the front page)
  • podcasts (even more rarely published, but you never know…)
  • notes (which were mostly notes for articles read for coursework or dissertation projects)
  • reflections (the weekly post things, paused for now)

Photos will be published in the /photos section, and will have their own feed at /photos/index.xml