2021 Week 42

I’m going to pause these weekly things for awhile. I need to focus on writing the dissertation, and I’m finding these posts keep me kind of stuck in retrospective mode. Time to let go of that and power through actually writing the dissertation.

🤔 PhD

I’ve scheduled the last of the interviews for my design study project for next week. Then, to switch gears into analysis and writing. And eventually, eventually, some day, finishing this damned dissertation.

📚 Reading

Neil Mosley: Freedom and the Learning Management System (LMS) (via Stephen Downes)

Karadag, E., Su, A. & Ergin-Kocaturk, H. (2021). Multi-level analyses of distance education capacity, faculty members’ adaptation, and indicators of student satisfaction in higher education during COVID-19 pandemic. Int J Educ Technol High Educ 18, 57. https://doi.org/10.1186/s41239-021-00291-w

Brian Lamb, in Abject Learning: Changing Lanes - a remarkable, thoughtful reflection on the work he and his team in TRU Open Learning are doing to support instructors as courses shift back from remote teaching to on-campus spaces. Brian is such an amazing leader.

D2L: D2L Files Preliminary Prospectus for Initial Public Offering

Watters, A. (2021). Teaching machines: The history of personalized learning. MIT Press.

🧺 Other

I got out for a bike ride on Sunday, just before the snow hit.

racing the storm around the Retreat loop

There was a massive solar flare on Sunday, which meant the northern lights were visible on Monday. Holy. The brightest I’ve ever seen from our house. Amazing. My photos looked like faint green smudges, so…

[imagine an amazing photo of the northern lights]

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