2021 Week 40

I was fortunate to attend a virtual screening and panel discussion of The Unforgotten, as part of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

Dr. Reg Crowshoe, sharing his history and the importance of building relatives together:

⚙️ Work

Meetings, including a great LTDT meeting (I thought so, anyway), where I shared my background and sketched out some of the strategic things the team will be working on this year.

I contributed to a Principles of Blended and Online Course design document that should be released soon. It’s pretty high level, but may be useful to help guide course design projects across campus.

🤔 PhD

Spent some time refactoring the structure of the dissertation, so that it flows better. It’s simpler, which is almost always better, and I can see where the rest of the work fits in. I need to finish the last interview, then analyze those before diving into writing the rest of it. But I can see it from here, at least.

📚 Reading

Debbie Fetter, in Faculty Focus: Why I Went from Proctored Exams to Open-book

3 interesting articles in the latest issue of Journal of Learning Spaces:

Young, B., Hynes, W., & Hynes, M. (2021). Promoting engagement in active-learning classroom design. Journal of Learning Spaces, 10(3). Retrieved from http://libjournal.uncg.edu/jls/article/view/2099

Basdogan, M., & Morrone, A. (2021). Coffeehouse as classroom: Examining a flexible and active learning space from the pedagogy-space-technology-user perspective. Journal of Learning Spaces, 10(3). Retrieved from http://libjournal.uncg.edu/jls/article/view/2119

Leijon, M., Leijon, M., Malvebo, E., & Tieva, Å. (2021). It is Time for DiSCo – a Theoretical Model for Didactic Spatial Competence.. Journal of Learning Spaces, 10(3). Retrieved from http://libjournal.uncg.edu/jls/article/view/1998

🧺 Other

A couple of laps of the Retreat loop.

Autumn Retreat Chinook Retreat

🗓️ Focus for next week

The first Learning Technologies Advisory Committee meeting of the year is on Monday morning. That committee is one of the high points of my work, so this will be a fun meeting. Such a great group of people, who volunteered to collaborate on this.

Many many meetings. 1:1s, Associate Deans, GFC TLC. I have some sizeable gaps in my calendar and need to get better about protecting them so I can do the work involved with prepping for and following up after meetings…

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