2021 Week 37

⚙️ Work

Students who are taking some courses on campus and some online will need a place on campus to connect to their online classes. At least 2 large classrooms have been designated for this (ICT 102 and Craigie Hall C 119), and there’s a map of other available spaces across campus. Hopefully, the campus WIFI networks will hold up to the load…

Oh. And I’m starting a new role at the TI as Associate Director, Learning Technologies & Design. I just posted a blog thing with info about the new role.

🤔 PhD

I conducted the first interview for the course design study project. What a fun conversation! I’m looking forward to the rest of the interviews - and am currently scheduling the rest of the interview series.

📚 Reading

Ladhani, S., Este, D., & Sitter, K.C. (2021). Reviving Anti-Racism Pedagogy Exploring The Experiences Of Social Work Educators & Students In Post-Secondary Education. Report. Published online at https://www.antiracismeducation.ca

🧺 Other

I got out for a ride on Wednesday, after a day of meetings. I need to do that more often…

end of day retreat

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Last updated: September 24, 2023