⚙️ Work

Finally sent out the invitations for the Kritik and Hypothesis pilots. Looks like Kritik may have hit a snag with their Brightspace integration. Hoping they can work that out before the kickoff orientation session in a couple weeks…

🤔 PhD

The ethics board certified my application! Moving on to preparing for data collection…

📚 Reading

Heather Clitheroe and Eric Donovan (editors): Getting to Proxima b (an ebook of student writing, exploring ideas about newly discovered planets around a neighbouring star)

Sumaya Bernier, UToday: How to manage your pandemic pet’s separation anxiety

🧺 Other

I’m giving up on the web-based bookmark tool. I’ve found it useful to have bookmarks available from anywhere, but the SemanticScuttle web app has been truncating URLs of bookmarks which then renders them broken and useless. That’s not ideal for a bookmarking app. I looked into some other alternatives, such as LinkAce and Shaarli but realized I just don’t want to spend the time farting around with getting a tool to work for this. So I’m back to using offline bookmarks in a browser like some kind of caveman. I’ll leave my old links app up for now just in case it comes in handy, but won’t be adding new stuff to that.

I finally hung Whiteboard #2 and got a print of a photo that I love1, to replace the Unknown Pleasures poster2 in my home office.

Home Office

🗓️ Focus for next week

Meetings. Refining the Hypothesis integration and pilot plan. Some more meetings. And a meeting with my hematologist to figure out a timeline for vaccination.

  1. taken from my bike while riding on highway 1A in Banff ↩︎

  2. the band name is… problematic… but the poster is iconic and I bought it because it’s a visualization of radio waves detected from a pulsar, taken from a dissertation published by Harold Craft in 1970. I wanted it as a reminder to look at data differently, but it turned into “oh, you love Joy Division? Really?” in more zoom meetings than I thought possible. ↩︎