2021 Week 29

I got my lab results this week, ahead of the final maintenance infusion next week, wrapping up 29 months of treatment.

not terrible

Looks like my immune system is still kind of janky. I’m hoping it will improve after having a chance to recover post-Rituxan. Not a fun time to have an unreliable immune system…

📚 Reading

King, S. E., & Cerrone Arnold, K. (2012). Blended learning environments in higher education: A case study of how professors make it happen. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 25.

Martin, F., Ritzhaupt, A., Kumar, S., & Budhrani, K. (2019). Award-winning faculty online teaching practices: Course design, assessment and evaluation, and facilitation. The Internet and Higher Education, 42, 34-43.

Huss, J. A., Sela, O., & Eastep, S. (2015). A Case Study of Online Instructors and Their Quest for Greater Interactivity in Their Courses: Overcoming the Distance in Distance Education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 40(4). Retrieved from http://ro.ecu.edu.au/ajte/vol40/iss4/5

I finished reading the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy by Liu Cixin (starting with The Three-Body Problem, then The Dark Forest, and finally Death’s End). It had some really interesting ideas, but I think it would have been more compelling as a series of short stories exploring each concept rather than trying to make it all into some kind of Homeric Epic™. I wound up half hate-reading the series just to get it done.

And I started reading Hugh Howey’s collection of short stories in Machine Learning. Wow. Each story is kind of amazing.

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