2021 Week 25

⚙️ Work

I’ve been kind of struggling to keep on top of all of the things I need to do, and am trying a jump into using the Reminders app. A week in, and holy moly is it making a huge difference. I’m feeling more productive, even if it’s only seeing how things fit together. With the added bonus of being able to click “done” every now and then. One of the challenges of my role is that things kind of continue in an apparently-ongoing basis, and everything kind of smushes together in my head into one all-encompassing metaproject. Being able to break things back down into tangible bits is something that might help me to see forests and trees without getting lost…

Just in time to start a 2 week dissercation. Out of office autoresponder activated until after the long weekend.

And YuJa just released some new features to help with managing the videos managed by their platform. This includes better ways to automate pushing unused content into cold storage, and better reporting on what’s there. This is becoming more important, as we add a many TB of content each semester and our storage limit is looming. If we don’t move a bunch of videos to cold storage, or spend a bunch on increasing our limit, we’ll run out of room sometime in the fall semester…

🤔 PhD

Got the ethics application submitted, now into planning the details of the design study project.

📚 Reading

Strycker, J. (2021). When the Experimental Lab is Itself the Experiment: Making Someone Else’s Design Work. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 12(2), 59–78. https://doi.org/10.14434/ijdl.v12i2.29132

I wonder how many parallels there are between Strycker’s experience inheriting a design from someone and what we found after being handed a templated design produced by a Major AV Design Consultancy™…

Dawn Smith: Cancer causes structural and mechanical changes in the heart. A UCalgary project that looked at breast cancer and lymphoma patients using MRI scans of their hearts. Looks like lymphoma also messes up the heart. Awesome.

Karen Butterfield: How YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform Enables Differentiated Instruction. Oh, no. The vendor for our campus video platform is going deep on learning styles. I thought that had finally fallen off, but it keeps creeping back up again like some kind of truthiness zombie…

Heath McCoy, in UToday: Teaching through a pandemic calls for creativity, flexibility - several instructors in our Faculty of Arts describe the innovative course designs they’ve used in their courses in the last year. Developing video games. Classroom communities. Portfolios. Flexible assignments and grading. Amazing.

A new journal from ACM. This looks interesting…

Collective Intelligence is a transdisciplinary journal devoted to advancing the theoretical and empirical understanding of group performance in diverse systems, from adaptive matter to cellular and neural systems to animal societies to all types of human organizations to hybrid AI-human teams and nanobot swarms.

The Chronicle of Education: “The Post-Pandemic Workplace”

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