2021 Week 10

⚙️ Work

Brightspace quizzes and “no backsies”

Lots of work over the last week to put together resources about setting up quizzes in Brightspace. Turns out, instructors were trying to prevent cheating by turning off the ability to “go back” in quizzes. Some students had been doing speed-runs of quizzes, sharing the questions in Discord, and then going back to take the quiz. And other hijinks. So some instructors disabled “go back” in quizzes. Except that’s not an awesome experience for the 99.9% of students who weren’t cheating. Anyway, this is a side effect of our decision to not offer online exam proctoring - some instructors come up with DIY solutions that have unintended consequences.

🤔 PhD

Hah! Oh, man. I think I’m in trouble, timeline-wise. I mean, not in trouble, but it’s now March and I’ve only written a few pages of the dissertation so far in 2021. At this rate, I’ll retire before finishing the damned thing…

📚 Reading

Alex Usher: The Alberta Budget - HESA

Q: Is it over yet?

A: Nope.

Tom Woodward: VCU: The Long Goodbye (Patterned but not Standard) – Bionic Teaching - especially the Continuum of Complexity diagram…

McSweeny’s Internet Tendency: Okay, Let Me Just Share My Screen… Ah, Nope. Okay, You’re Looking At My Savings Account Now. That Is Not Good. - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

🧺 Other

There’s a massive COVID outbreak at The Boy™’s school, so he’s back to school-from-home for 14 days. Heading out to get him swabbed for a COVID test now… Awesome. Can’t freaking wait until the vaccines get here. Apparently, a bunch of kids had a big party during a pandemic for some damned reason.

But. We’re in false spring now, so J and I have been heading outside for longer walks again.


🗓️ Focus for next week

  • Prepping the committee and process, and preliminary scheduling for the LTS:PI position.
  • World’s Challenge Challenge prep and final presentation. Looking forward to seeing how the group’s presentation has been refined.
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