I finally, finally went into the office to grab my iMac to use at home. If I’m going to be working from home for weeks/months to come, I need a larger screen. 27" is about right. Why on earth didn’t I do this 2 months ago? It’s a 5 year old computer, but the larger screen has already made my eyes hurt less.

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Lots of talk about the budget. Lots of anxiety and questions. No answers yet, but we know the university will be facing yet another budget cut. This is exactly what our provincial government claims they were elected for, so it’s not a surprise.

I’m trying to shift my energy toward preparing for candidacy - the current focus is writing the thesis proposal. The literature survey component will be pretty substantial, and I’m already narrowing the scope now that I’ve got my head around the research topic. I’ll be revising the research questions and blasting through a huge stack of literature to set the stage. There’s still a chance I might get done candidacy by the end of summer, which would be nice considering the expense of pre-candidacy tuition…