2020 Week 20

Janice and I got tested for COVID-19, because we had coughs and respiratory symptoms. The process was quick - at the old Children’s Hospital building, using retired the ambulance bays as drive-through testing stations. Stay in the car. In and out in under 5 minutes. Had the results first thing the next morning. Negative. Whew!

More online exam proctoring project - demos from vendors, project meetings, preparation for a steering committee meeting next week.

I got outside for an actual, bona-fide bike ride. On a highway. The longest ride I’ve done in over 3 years. And I didn’t die. I was slow, but it felt great to be back out there. Hoping to do that a couple times a week now…

And - I finally had a breakthrough on my PhD research plan. The ideas I’ve been bouncing around for the last couple of years finally clicked together. This is going to be fun! And useful!

Highway 1A

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Last updated: December 04, 2023