This week, the steep cuts in provincial funding hit IT hard. Many people I’ve worked closely with for years, gone. The entire IT Partners group, gone. A third of our com/media AV support team, gone. And we’ll be facing another round of deep cuts after the next provincial budget is dropped. We’re all pretty much stunned and shocked and trying to figure out how to keep moving in the aftermath. They are all great people, and were doing great work. It’s kind of an eye-opener, how integrated these IT folks had become in our work at the TI. That’s a great sign, showing how strongly IT and TI (and faculties) have been working together, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to build relationships back up.

I got to do some copy editing on dad’s obituary. He was cremated on Tuesday. We’re not planning a funeral right away because, well, jesus. What a shitty time to try to get a bunch of people together in the same room. Maybe in the fall? Who knows.

But, spring is starting to pop. It’ll be green in another week. The absolute shit-show of the last few weeks will hopefully start to fade a bit.

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