2020 Week 14

⚙️ Work

That was probably the most exhausting week of my career. So far.

30 meetings (spread across Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business, phone calls, and Bongo). A few ad hoc unscheduled meetings and calls thrown in as well. 307 emails to respond to. 133 emails sent. The time that wasn’t in meetings was spent preparing for meetings and writing responses to meetings and following up on action items from meetings. And apologizing for having to miss or reschedule other meetings.

In our campus Zoom environment, there were 9,412 meetings held this week. 0 reports of ZoomBombing. 1 report of students acting like asses (guess which faculty) and pranking their class. And a week of planning how to adjust our Zoom environment in response to media attention on Zoom.

I’m exhausted. This isn’t sustainable.

Also. There’s a goddamned pandemic going on at the same time. Which is exhausting as well.

🤔 PhD

Had to reschedule a meeting with my supervisors - hoping to get some time this weekend to work on my thesis proposal so we can discuss it next week.

📚 Reading

🧺 Other

Self isolation continues.

🗓️ Focus for next week

Jesus. I don’t know. I guess not burning out would be a good thing to focus on. Getting back outside for walks. Trying to ease back on things a little.

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