Intro to Curriculum Links

One of the major projects our team1 has been working on for the last couple of years is the University of Calgary’s Curriculum Links application.

From the project website overview:

curriculum links overview

It’s an application that supports curriculum design and review - an entire program can be designed before it’s submitted to a faculty for approval, allowing for pre-flight testing of the program. Do all of the claimed program-level outcomes get incorporated appropriately? Are there gaps? Redundancies? Is every course trying to teach one outcome, but none are teaching another one?

We’ve used curriculum mapping software before, but we struggled with reports - making sense of the mapped data in a way that supports curriculum design, review, and approval. Curriculum Links has built-in reports that are flexible, powerful, and simple. It’s an elegant application that really helps walk a curriculum project through the process, and provides resources to make informed decisions based on the data.

Curriculum Links lives outside of the LMS - many these courses may not exist for years, but need to be mapped in a meaningful way at the early planning stages, and many of these courses may not be online. This is a way to work with metadata about the course, regardless of if the course itself even exists, or where, or when.

We realized we didn’t have a video that gave an overview of what Curriculum Links is - so our team whipped one up:

  1. Patti Dyjur lead the design through her work with curriculum design. Kevin Saito designed and built the software, interface, and reporting. ↩︎

work  video 

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Last updated: March 01, 2024