Scurfield Hall

⚙️ Work

A hectic week - it’s a challenge, keeping so many plates spinning at the same time. I was involved with some learning space design planning for a new building that will start construction soon. It’s great to see what we’ve learned at the TI being applied to new spaces across campus.

🤔 PhD

Some really good discussions with supervisors and other students about revising the plan, and starting prep for candidacy. I’m excited about jumping back in, and hoping I can contribute.

📚 Reading

🧺 Other

  • Playing around with Terragen 4 - like Bryce, without the awesome UI. Doesn’t seem to let you paint texture maps to generate terrain, though…
  • I’ve had this laptop for a couple of months now, and it’d be really nice if photolibraryd would stop sucking up battery and cpu by running in the background constantly. If I kill the process, it gives up for awhile before coming back. And I hope I’m not corrupting any data by killing it as needed… I don’t care if it runs constantly while I’m plugged in, but it can’t be draining 50% of my battery while I’m unplugged.

🗓️ Focus for next week

  • Adjudication for the University of Calgary Teaching Awards
  • Kickoff meeting for a new webconferencing platform for campus use
  • Kickoff meeting for a task force to develop a new degree program
  • D2L Fusion conference steering committee
  • Learning Technologies Advisory Committee planning session
  • Lots of other meetings
  • Prepare PhD candidacy plan for discussion with supervisors