2020 Week 07

⚙️ Work

  • Curriculum Links is really starting to take off. 82 curriculum reviews since 2014. 476 courses mapped in 2019!
  • I was interviewed for an article about digital credentials and blockchain, and talked about our work with badges.ucalgary.ca (we aren’t actively building blockchain stuff - there’s no real-world human use for it yet…) (relevant xkcd)
  • We had a really good Learning Technologies Advisory Committee meeting - it really feels like this group will be able to make a difference. I talked about the work the Processes WG has been doing to identify opportunities to develop processes to enable and innovation. And I talked gushingly about OpenETC as a model to explore.

workarounds and pilots

🤔 PhD

Thinking about mapping attributes over time… and I may have bought a wall-sized print of the Joy Division poster to hang in my house, to keep data visualization visible…


📚 Reading

🧺 Other

I’m trying to deal with self care a bit more intentionally. Not sure I’m succeeding there, but I’m trying some things. I’m super-not-missing Twitter, except for one group chat. #shotgun

Working on managing anxiety, and will be significantly reducing or eliminating caffeine for awhile. And trying to get more exercise. And trying to get out of my head and stay in the moment instead of constantly running scenarios to anticipate what’s coming at me, because it’s a lot, and there’s not much point in pre-preparing for stuff that may not happen. Deal with what’s happing now, and let go a bit.

🗓️ Focus for next week

It’ll be a short 3-day work week. Lots of committee meetings, and a consultation about the design of classrooms in a new building that is still in the planning stages…

  1. The PDF is extremely un-printer-friendly. Looks great on-screen, but full-page designs with black backgrounds and some white text is not helpful for people who like to read things on paper… ↩︎

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