I’ve been wanting to restart these week-in-review reflective posts - and wanting to get back to more reflective practice in general. There are things I won’t be able to document here, but there’s a lot that I can, and I need to get back into this practice.

One thing that made me stop doing week-in-review the last time, was the weekly cadence of posts quickly overwhelmed any other blog posts. My blog turned into a diary, and I didn’t like that. This time, I’m using a separate content type reflections for this, with posts in their own section, with their own feed. This way, I can post weekly reflections without messing up the main page or feed.

The week-in-review posts won’t be in the main site rss feed - they’re available on their own separate feed if anyone wants to subscribe and follow along.


None. Seriously, none. I have a bunch of stuff that I need to do, but it will wait until I’m back in the office on January 2. For now, it’s Christmas break. The university’s closed, so I’m taking that as a hint to be off the clock as well.


Nothing. I have a book I want to read, but haven’t cracked it open yet.


Went skiing with Evan on Boxing Day. It was an absolutely perfect day. Blue skies. Fresh snow. Fantastic.