Snapshots from the poison room

I took photos throughout my chemo/immunotherapy treatment, to document my reactions and the view from the poison room. Photos generates a decent slideshow (complete with Generic Copyright-takedown-avoiding Sountrack #1)1

18 infusions. 6 rounds. 5 months. 2 many selfies. 1 emergency hospital stay. It worked.
  1. I spent a few weeks back in 1997 building a similar video with photos from our wedding, in Macromedia Director and then output to VHS to play at the reception in town. I tapped a button on my phone and this chemo slideshow video spit out in seconds. Crazy. []

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  1. Even knowing you are still here, back at work, etc… I found this stirred up a lot of emotions. A pretty amazing document of your courage and strength.

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