Remixed Reality: Manipulating Space and Time in Augmented Reality

Thanks to Ehud for the link to this video and paper from CHI 2018. This is almost exactly the tech I built in my head to use for my PhD research. Last year, this was completely impossible. Then, kind of possible but kludgey. Now, it’s basically there.

With this, you could volumetrically record a room, and play it back from various spatial and temporal vantage points. Check out the 2:40 point where the viewer and recorded-person separate, and then the recording is played back from a different time…

How would this tech handle recording an environment like a small classroom?

How would it handle recording multiple participants? (instructor and students)

How would this kind of recording and interactive playback be used to support reflection by participants in a session?


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Last updated: December 04, 2023