re-reclaiming my domains


I’ve moved my webstuff back to Reclaim Hosting - I had been a very very happy customer, but decided I needed to move my sites onto canadian-hosted-and-managed servers out of principle. Since then, Reclaim spun up a Canadian-hosted server (but it’s managed by a US company, so there are still… complications). But, I’ve decided to stop caring so rigidly about that. It’s just my webstuff, and it’s far more important to be a part of the Reclaim family than it is to push back in an invisible way against the insanity that is running their country.

Anyway. I’m happy to be back, wearing my Reclaim Hosting shirt with pride (as always). The migration back to Reclaim was the simplest, fastest process I’ve ever experienced. Thanks Tim & Jim!

There may be some hiccups as DNS propagates. It looks like most places now point to my new home on Reclaim’s DOA server, but some are still pointing to the cached location on my previous server. That’ll work out in the next day or so.

In the meantime, in honour of the DOA Canadian Reclaim Server…

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