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  1. talk about memories. I see that camera, and I can feel it in my hands. the pebbly quality of the camera body. Light to carry, cheap feeling. The click as the back opens and that long, rectangular film cartridge. The hot, melting flash of the cube, then you turn it for the next photo. Everything seems somehow sepia toned. But it seems wrong to take a photo with it now. Unless you can find people wearing paisley polyester shirts, hair feathered back like David Cassidy, tight fitting corduroy pants.

    1. I’ve got albums of photos shot with this thing. All of the photos are steeped in memory, more than making up for the technical shortcomings of the camera. Hoping we can find a way to get these newly discovered rolls developed – he’s been trying to get some interesting photos and we’re really curious to see how they turned out. A bit of an adjustment from burst mode on an iPhone…

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