adjusting my social media diet

For once, I'm not deleting anything. But, I've been struck by how

a) bad algorithmic news feeds are at actually getting what I want and need, and

b) how horribly distracting and time-sucking they are.

Companies - and we're well past the rubicon of DIY internet hippie utopia - it's companies all the way down now - have no reason to make their algorithms work better for me (or other humans). Their algorithms weren't designed for that - their only reason for existing is to generate advertising revenue for the company, and to maximize that at all costs.

Cool. But I don't have to use their crap. So, I've logged out of Twitter on every device I use. It's no longer in my pocket, or on my desk, or anywhere else convenient. I won't be deleting my account, but the only way I'll be posting to Twitter will be through my blog. And I won't be able to follow along, or check out the awesome hashtags or trending tweeters or whatever.

But! It's 2018! How will you function? How will you stay part of communities?

I'm not going anywhere. RSS is still a thing - compare the noisy flashing algorithmic stream pushed at us by social media companies, with this:

A place where algorithms (if they're in there at all) work to help me, not to pad anyone's B2B enterprise advertising ponzi endeavour.

And. It's a place where I can be done, close it, and move on with my day.

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