2017-18 Open Educational Resources Grants recipients announced

This is an important project, led by my team in the Taylor Institute (go, Ykje and Samara!). We're all looking forward to seeing what the grant recipients come up with this year.

OER grants fall under two streams: "adopt and adapt" and "create." The former category consists of projects in which grant-holders redevelop existing materials for their OERs, whereas the latter involves the inception of an OER from the foundation up.

The OER Pilot has invited instructors to submit project proposals. In the adopt and adapt model, accepted projects are funded to allow for two undergraduate student researchers to apply two to three online resources with course- and lesson-based outcomes. At the same time, instructors employ graduate students to peer review resources for their project courses. Finally, faculty selects and decides on the most appropriate resource.

2017-18 OER Grant Recipients

  • Sharaz Khan, Haskayne School of Business
    "Business technology management (BMTA 601)
  • Nicole Sandblom, Faculty of Science
    "General chemistry for engineers" (CHEM 209)
  • Joanna Rankin, Cumming School of Medicine
    "Introduction to disability and social theory" (CORE 209)
  • Elena Rangelova, Schulich School of Engineering
    "Fundamentals of surveying" (ENGO 343)
  • Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio, Cumming School of Medicine
    "Honours cell & molecular biology" (MDSC 351)
  • Maria Stoletova, Haskayne School of Business
    "Business process improvement and creative problem solving" (MGST 741)
  • Jason Donev, Faculty of Science
    "Introduction to energy" (PHYS 371)
  • Kathleen Hughes, Faculty of Arts
    "Cognitive development" (PSYCH 451)
  • Elizabeth Montes Garcés, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures & Cultures
    "Beginners' Spanish II" (SPAN 203)
  • Catherine Wagg, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
    "An introduction to veterinary clinical pathology" (VETM 442)

Source: 2017-18 Open Educational Resources Grants recipients announced | UToday | University of Calgary


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