2 thoughts on “infovis classblog homepage”

  1. Beautiful! Is this a class you’re a student in? Did you help set it up the aggregator? How’s it going, handling the multiple roles? Student- staff (are you also teaching this term?)

    1. Yeah – I’m a student in this one. The prof wanted to follow the rules and use D2L dropbox for this, and I suggested a more… visual… approach. It’s a standalone class blog – all students (and prof and TA) have “Author” accounts on it and can publish directly without needing to set up aggregation. Seems to work well. This is the first time I’m using UCalgaryBlogs as a student! It’s 10 years old next month, but I’ve never had to use it from the other side. Fun! I posted some of the plugins I’m using. Pretty easy, but not quite one-click setup…

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