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I’m taking a graduate computer science course on information visualization. It’s going to be an incredible experience, exploring how to make sense of data sets and use spatial/symbolic/textural/other means to represent various aspects of the data.

A huge part of the course is going to be keeping a daily “visual journal” of things we see, as they relate to information and visualization and design. Sounds something like a photoblog. So, I volunteered to set up a class blog for us all to post stuff together, to see what happens. Of course, I’m using UCalgaryBlogs. WordPress is pretty good for this kind of thing. I’m using the Baskerville theme because it’s nicely visual – almost pinterest-y. And, a few plugins:

And here’s the current site. The header image is cropped from a photo I took at the Canada Music Centre.

5 thoughts on “setting up a new class blog”

  1. Looks good, I’m a big fan of Baskerville (and all of Anders Noren’s themes), using it for my current course too. I could have said, “there’s a SPLOT for that” heh heh.

    Post by email is nice to have for such things that likely are being done from out and about on a mobile device, but I’d guess maybe you are suggesting the mobile WP app as you do on your photo blog?

    1. hah! Do What Alan Does™ is good guidance.

      I’ll try post by mail – I’ve always just used the iOS app while on the move, but it might be easier to just have it receive emails. Could be fun integrating with campus email infrastructure… shudder

    2. well, THAT was easy. Jetpack auto-generated an email address, and posts get associated with whatever account uses the sending address? slick. Will use that more! thanks for the nudge!

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