on persisting in the age of trump

I’ve been struggling with this, as I’m sure most people are. It hit me last night (again), when I was essentially numb as I tried to tune out the insanity from Trump’s speech to Congress.

I try to assume everyone is trying to do the right thing, in their own way, from their own perspective. Even Trump. He’s a scared little man, used to entitlement and getting his way. From that perspective, he’s just trying to use his awesomeness to save the world from lesser men. Yikes.

I can’t buy into the whole fear-everything-at-all-costs rhetoric. I can’t understand the xenophobia and hate that builds from that. I can’t do anything to change this – I’m not American, so I can’t even vote against it.

All I can do is persist. To keep going. To show there is another way.

But – with the toxic and corrosive sludge pouring out of Trump and his team (go team!) – there is a tax imposed on all of us.

I sat there, numb, again, unable to do anything. I didn’t write. I didn’t read (aside from constant opinions and snark online). I didn’t make art, dammit. What a waste of my time and energy. Of all of our time and energy.

So, I’m going to try harder to just persist. To tune out what I can’t have any effect on. To try to make a difference in my local context rather than stressing about global systems that I can’t understand never mind change.

2 thoughts on “on persisting in the age of trump”

  1. I have to admit that it was very difficult to watch Trump speak glowingly of Canada. On one hand, I think Trudeau’s strategy to give Trump an win-win-win situation with the female leadership initiative was a brilliant tactical move by our PM. But to then see Trump the misogynist milk that in the speech and present it as an example of how progressive he is made me gag. Our PM gave him that win, and that raises all kind of very complicated feelings.

    1. That’s what’s so frustrating about this stuff – there is no winning. Either capitulate so Trump saves face and says he won, or push back and become FAKE NEWS SO SAD BUILD A WALL. Trump has shown that he would rather salt the earth than actually work with anyone else. He’s actively dismantling institutions that were set up to protect people, environments, global peace, etc. He doesn’t care. He thinks of himself as a heroic super genius, which is why he’s so easy to manipulate. His followers either don’t care or were lied to and are too embarrassed to do anything about it because MY TEAM WON! This is horrifying stuff. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of it. Toxic. Corrosive. Paralyzing.

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