I was in Houston for the EDUCAUSE ELI annual meeting 1. It was my first time ever attending ELI (or any EDUCAUSE event in person). It’s a really good community, with a nice mix of teaching-types and tech-types.

I presented a poster about our model for communities of practice at the Taylor Institute - I was given a 45 minute poster session, but talked for an hour and a half straight, as people stayed after the session to ask questions. We’re on the right track. Also, lots of similar initiatives happening, with many offering more mature and robust programs (such as the folks at Penn State, the University of Arizona, among others).


Working on a theme study for my HRI course. I’ve never written one, so it’s been an exploration. Next, prepping a presentation to the research lab.

Also, working with The Boy™ to get a Rapiro robot set up to use as part of a research project. We’ve almost got it running, and then I can try some code to see how it can move, and how the camera could be used.



Spending a few days in the Convention District of downtown Houston was… interesting. Next to the hotel was Discovery Park, which had an amazing family vibe even late at night. Lots of people just hanging out in the park. Very cool. Also, public art installations, and a skating rink (which was closed, probably because it was like +20ËšC). The Tuesday conference keynote was briefly interrupted by 500 cell phones simultaneously blasting out emergency SMS warning, as 6 tornadoes worked through the Houston area. Crazy. Missed.

  1. I always feel like I’m shouting when I type that out ↩︎