2017 week 6 in review


The team met with Nancy to talk about what we do, and how that supports the scholarship of teaching and learning mandate of the TI. It turned into a really deep discussion, with lots of good questions.

And, we had a mini retreat with the Learning and Instructional Design group and Learning Technologies Group, to work though how we collaborate and communicate, and to start working on our shared roadmap for the year. Again, lots of deep discussion and great questions. Best. Team(s). Ever.

I'm heading to Houston for the EDUCAUSE ELI Annual Meeting thing next week. I'll be presenting a poster about communities of practice at the Taylor Institute. I'm looking forward to seeing what ELI is like - it's my first time attending - but definitely not looking forward to the current cross-border experience.


Yet another deep discussion with my co-supervisor, winding up with the realization that I've been holding myself back in both my student and professional roles - trying to compartmentalize the roles to avoid things crossing over. Which is crazy, because that's the whole point of the thing. So, I'm working on not holding myself back, and on owning my roles. It looks like I'm essentially developing a new field of study. That's kind of awesome.



Lots of snow early in the week. Combined with "lift with your back, not your legs" and I wound up with Old Man Norman Syndromeâ„¢ for the rest of the week. Pulled a muscle in my back pretty severely Monday morning before work. And stayed hunched over and in pain for the rest of the week. Awesome. But it's melting now. The snow, not the back.


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