The UCalgary Makerspace community met over in the Environmental Design fabrication shops. Lots of awesome stuff going on there, and they’re adding 2 giant 5-axis robot arms for high end custom fabrication.


Reps from Top Hat were on campus, doing a series of workshops for instructors and staff. Top Hat is used pretty extensively in some of our largest courses, but also in many smaller ones. The more interesting uses involve anonymous questions and formative feedback from students…


I went to a presentation by Mike Casey from Indiana University, on media preservation. He’s working to save a giant collection of analog recordings, which are in the process of degrading and the players are obsolete and failing. Triggered thoughts about planning to keep important (and even not-important) media safe so that it will survive shifts in technology and whims of budgetary processes over the years.

I was fortunate enough to hear 2 presentations by Adam Bradley, who is doing post-doc work in the INNOVIS lab with Sheelagh Carpendale 1. Adam is doing interesting work on augmenting close reading of poetry, and had a room full of computer science nerds analyzing a poem together - and all actively engaged in the process. Code can be used to infuse humanity and art, rather than algorithmically sucking the life out of it. These talks triggered a LOT of thinking for me, and definitely adjusted how I’m looking at my PhD research plan.


  1. INNOVIS is part of the iLab, which is my home in CPSC ↩︎